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YogaLife S2 E10: Manifestation Yoga Life

On this weeks episode Dawn picks Alex's brain about Manifestation. Alex is a big fan of the concept and Dawn isn't so sure, enjoy a conversation about a buzzword that's been floating around for a while now, and decide for yourself if manifesting is how you get your dream life. References: Fra Kost, Norwich cafe: https://fraakost.co.uk See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.
  1. YogaLife S2 E10: Manifestation
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  4. YogaLife S2 E8: Forgiveness
  5. YogaLife S2 E7: Creating Habits
  6. YogaLife S2 Bonus Episode 1: Ayurvada
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  8. YogaLife S2 E5: Happiness
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  10. YogaLife S2, E3: Dharma

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