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Dawn Kendall and Brooke

Dawn Kendall

Meet Dawn @dawnkendallsportsmassage

Dawn was born in Norwich, grew up with her younger sister and both parents and went to University in Leicester. After uni Dawn’s career has been varying and challenging to say the least, but she’s spent a large portion of it working as an accountant. In the last 5 years Dawn and Alex became friends, but Dawn has also taken the incredibly brave step of retraining and taking the leap from accountant to massage therapist, since then she’s started her own massage therapy business and gone from strength to strength.

Lockdown has hit Dawn’s business hard, (as you can imagine) but she’s used the time well and completed the long-standing goal of becoming a Yoga teacher!

Dawn is a natural teacher and cares for those around her, this attributes to her being a wonderful massage therapist, yoga teacher and friend. She really does have your best interests at heart.

She has a Cat named Catboy, 2 dogs (Brooke and Hetza) and 5 rescue chickens. She lives in the Norfolk countryside with her husband and enjoys CrossFit (when it’s open) and all things crafts (she’s incredible).

Alex Howarth Yoga

Alex Howarth

Meet Alex @AlexHowarthYoga

Alex also born in Norwich, grew up in the Suffolk countryside with her 2 siblings and parents. After school she decided formal education wasn’t for her so spent the next few years working to travel, travelling then repeating.

It was only after her second 6 month stint in Africa that Alex realised what she wanted to do as a career and set her efforts on becoming a Personal Trainer. She spent the next 5 years working up through the gym ranks, and in that time qualified to be a yoga teacher then moved up to management.

After a second yoga qualification a studio space landed in Alex’s lap so she decided to go all in, quit the corporate and started Alex Howarth Yoga.

Throughout lockdown the yoga business has fully transitioned online and Alex also trained to become a business coach.

With endless walks with Dawn this year the two have discovered their love of talking about yoga and the impact it’s had on their lives. They finally taking the leap to start this podcast and share their mutual love of yoga in real life with the world.

‘Right now is the only real life you have, everything else is just thought.’


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